[200q20v] Roof Rack Solutions

Greg Johnson gregsj at iea.com
Tue May 22 10:51:56 EDT 2001

"Richard E. Berlin, Jr." <rberlin at feltonberlin.com> wrote:

>As the owner of a canoe and a single scull I'm desperate to
>find a rack system that will work well with the chrome rails
>on my Avant.
>Thus far, both Thule and Yakima cannot endorse any of their
>cross bars for use with the Audi roof rails. Barrecrafters
>best response is, " huh??"
>Now I have purchased a pair of Audi crossbars, but no one
>can say if the manufacturer (German) has accessories for
>these crossbars.
>Here are the various things which identify the crossbars:
>TUV Sudwest
>Are these the manufacturer? Anybody capable of digging up a
>german website of the crossbar manufacturer??

I don't know who the manufacturer is and I can't speak to the
canoe, but I've been using the WindProfi Crossbars to carry my
racing shell for five summers (BTW, I put two singles up there
last summer).   I went to REI and got some heavy duty spring
loaded lock straps and some of that thin blue bed roll foam. I
obtained some pipe insulation from Home Depot, cut it to fit and
duct taped it around the WindProfils.  I cut the blue bed roll
foam into small squares and rectangles.  I  put the shell on the
pipe insulated WP cross bars and then one of little blue squares
underneath the shell contact point just to add some extra rub
protection.  I use the rectangle blue foams on the top of the
shell where the strap goes over the shell (again more rub
protection).   I use duct tape to tape red bandanas on either end
of the shell. This system does 70mph fine.  Keep an eye on the
shell after you pass an oncoming tractor trailer truck on a two
lane road, the wind will sometimes move the shell a few inches
sideways. I just open the sun roof and center it again.

Greg J

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