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Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 19:33:32 EDT 2001

Doesn't going with the plus size theory minimize, and realistically 
eliminate changes in rolling radius?  Wouldn't rotational-inertia/moment 
come into play here as well?  That is, until you are at speed.  I know 
people have talked about bigger wheels having an effect on acceleration as 

Point of reference, I've noticed the same effect on mileage with running 
bigger wheels as well; mileage has been reported to decrease about 2MPG.

I guess you also do a check to see if RPM's correspond to the same MPH on 
the two different wheel sets.  I'll look at doing that next time I swap the 
wheels around.

Derek P.

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So that makes three factors that would negatively impact mileage,
especially as reported by the trip computer.  I'm feeling a little better
about the large difference now, even thought it is no longer mine.

On Tue, 22 May 2001 10:33:53 -0400 DAK <dak at rochester.rr.com> writes:
True, but if the tires are also larger diameter, the speedo will read low
and record less than actual mileage. (or at least less than before).
That alone would give different MPG figures.


Fundsalo Racing wrote:

May have been due to aerodynamics. The larger frontalarea of the
two-sizes larger tires can make a realdifference in MPG at
speed.-glenOOOO--- Edward J Kellock <ekellock at juno.com> wrote:
With my previous 200q20v Avant, I noticed asignificant drop in mileage
when I changed tires.
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