[200q20v] Dead alternator (?)

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Wed May 23 10:46:29 EDT 2001

Here's an email from Avi, his email address is: avim at pacbell.net

Here is a source for you, ME:
I can also get you just a VR but I would suggest a rebuild:

You Get:
* 150AMP alternator that is a converted 110AMP Bosch alternator
* The stator winding is increased to allow for 150AMP delivery
* The voltage regulator (new) is 14.8Volt, (std. regulator is 14Volt)
* New bearings all through
* 1 year warranty
* Clean rebuilt alternator
* No need for any new additional brackets, fits exactly the same way as your
old alternator did
* No more  draining the batt. with the after run fans and those "ungodly"
Euro lights (didn't you always want 400Watt lights?)
* You get the alternator and than turn in your old alternator (for core)
* Overseas requests are welcome (shipping will be extra), no core will be
requested for overseas shipping
* I don't care if your alternator (for core purpose) is working or not, just
that the body is not damaged
* Detailed step-by-step instructions for installation

I Get:
* $195 Alt. 150Amp
* 15 Shipping, extra for overseas
* Your old alternator or $75 (for core purpose), which ever you choose (I
prefer the alt. up to you though)
* If you so desire, send two checks and I will hold the core check for two
weeks or till I

Let me know,

Paul Waterloo
Applied Energy Services
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Fax 708-524-0079
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> I got in my car last night to leave work, it starts up
> fine and off I go. It was raining pretty hard, with
> lots of water/puddles on the ground.
> About a mile down the road, I get a BEEP and I look at
> the voltmeter and it says about 10v. Yikes. I keep
> driving, and it's staying on 10v for the most part.
> After about 10 miles, it starts going down. And down,
> and down and down, until finally it bottoms out and
> the car dies (about 2 miles from my house of course).
> So, did the alternator just eat it? Perhaps I drowned
> it in a puddle?
> Supposing I need to replace it, what is the way to go?
> Get a new one? Rebuilt from someplace? If anyone has
> done this recently and has prices, etc, please let me
> konw.
> Rob Winchell
> 200q20v
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