[200q20v] RE: Dead alternator (?)

Hemberger, Chris CHemberger at stanadyne.com
Wed May 23 14:57:53 EDT 2001


I had the EXACT same thing happen to me back in Jan., soon after I purchased
my 200Q. I did the usual diagnostic checks: Battery cable splice in pass.
side footwell, loose alt. belt, defective battery, etc.  All systems checked
fine until I trickled a bit of water on the rotating alt. V-belt and 'POOF'!
- my charging voltage at the 'Jump' post dropped fr ~14.5v to <10.0V - as I
recall.  Simply replaced the V-belt, performed the same test and saw no
essentially no real difference in dry vs. wet voltage.  I'd be willing to
bet that you have the same condition.  Let me know - I'm interested in your
outcome.  Good Luck.

Chris Hemberger
Amston, CT

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