[200q20v] Code 2322

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Wed May 23 18:02:12 EDT 2001

 I had the same code pop up on my car . On examination ,the wiring going
into the sensor, which is on the top of the intake near the throttle cable,
had frayed wiring and was indeed shorting between the two wires. Seperating
and shrink tubing the wires cured the problem. If the wiring is intact  you
might have a bad sensor.
 Tom Czerniak

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> Hi all,
> Just got this fault code from my 91 20v Avant.
> What sensor are they talking about ? Anyone else ever had this problem ?
> 2322
>        Inlet air temp
>        Open or short circuit
>        Defective sensor or wiring
>        Symptom: Slight power loss, Increase in fuel consumption
> Thanks
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