[200q20v] Looking for E-Brake Trim

Greg Johnson gregsj at iea.com
Wed May 23 23:01:19 EDT 2001

Executive Summary

I'm looking for e-brake trim for an '91 Audi 200-20v TQ.  P#
441-711-463-7FR.  If you know of any sources (any cars being parted out)
I'd greatly appreciate a lead.


One thing I learned from the list is that if you're going to have your
windows tinted have a professional do it.  The film looked like it
offered too many places to screw up so I took it to a tint shop that's
about two blocks from our clients and I walked over to work.

When I went to pick up my car, I could see it from a distance in the lot
and it was looking good.  When I got to it I walked around from window
to window.  They did a great job!  I went in the shop to pay the bill
and as I was leaving, one of the owners followed me out to my car.

    Scenerio 1 (What *should* have happened)

On the way, the owner began explaining:  Mr. Johnson, I'm really sorry,
but during the install we broke the trim off the top of your emergency
brake.  We tried to glue it back on, but it's looking doubtful, so we
called the Audi dealer and have gotten all of the details for a new trim
piece.  Please give it the night to set and if the glue hasn't worked by
the time you go to work in the morning, please call me (he hands me his
card) and we'll order the part for you.  We're really sorry, and we
promise to make this right.

What can you say about this?  Accidents happen; the guy is forthright
and honest and he's doing the right thing.  Assuming he follows through,
he's got my vote and my recommendation.

    Scenerio 2 (what actually happened).

On the way, the owner explained:  "We noticed your emergency brake
handle was loose, so we glued it back on for you.  I'm not sure if it
will work, but we just wanted to help out because that's the way we do
things."  I'm thinking what the heck is he talking about?  It wasn't
loose when I arrived and set the brake.  Why would they randomly start
fixing parts of my car?  As I got into the car to see what the heck he
was talking about, the appley smell of superglue was overwhelming; they
didn't even bothered to put rubber bands, string or anything else to
hold the trim to the piece the wanted to glue it to and it would flop
around at will. I tired to push it back into place, it would not hold.
When I set the brake, it fell backwards. The owner beat a hasty retreat
as I was doing my examination.  As I looked at the trim piece, I could
see broken plastic where whole pieces used to reside.  I mentally
reviewed my drive to work and the e-brake setting after I parked in the
garage and the one when I dropped the car off at the tint shop.  There's
no way the trim piece was broken then - I'd have noticed it.  Suddenly
it dawned on me.  Instead of getting out of the car and walking around
to the other side, the installer must have tried to jump seats, got hung
on the e-brake and broke the trim off.  Or maybe he sat on the center
consol (sp?) as he evened out the film.  I got out of the car and headed
back to the office.  As I walked in the door, I said "fellows, there's
no way my e-brake was like it is now when I dropped my car off and I
expect you to fix it."  Oooops, everyone in the waiting room was staring
at me.  The manager quickly said: "we were just trying to help out, but
I'm not going to argue with you, we'll fix it."  "Good idea" I replied,
"put that in writing on your invoice and sign it."  He did.

On the way back to my office I thought what a bunch of schmucks; they
broke my car and then pretended they were trying to help me fix it.  And
I still couldn't get that question out of my mind - why would they
randomly start fixing broken parts of my car?  The only answer I can
come up with is because they broke it, tried to fix it, but could not.
I called the Audi dealer when I got back to the office to find out about
the part. The tint shop had already called and asked about it, but they
did not order one.


Is there any doubt about which group (scenerio 1 or 2?) that you'd do
business with again?  Is it really worth ruining your business
reputation for about $50.  The scary part is, if these guys don't get
smart soon, my lifetime window tint warranty will be worthless, because
they are well on the road to being out of business.

Greg J

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