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My alternator reads about 12 V or just a little above 12.5 on the gage in
the summer, especially when the ambient temperature is hot. The voltage
regulator is temperature sensitive. That's why it reads over 14 volts when
you start the car when it is 0 degrees outside. Put a volt meter on the
battery before you start the car then again after you start the car and see
if it goes up after you have revved the engine a little. If it does, the
alternator is working, if it drops to 12 volts or down into the 11's, then
it isn't!

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> Well, my alternator belt was loose, and wet. The
> sprocket nut is also chewed up, but I managed to
> tighten the belt up anyway.
> I got the car started (jump) and it runs but the
> voltmeter is only showing @ 12V. The belt does not
> seem to be slipping, so what does this mean? Something
> wrong with the alternator also? I expected it would
> show up around 14V.
> Thanks,
> Rob Winchell
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