[200q20v] Re: 200 AC failure

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Thu May 24 14:08:01 EDT 2001

You may have a malfunction such as low system pressure preventing activation of the electric clutch.  I believe I have some basic troubleshooting and error code info on my site:

hth, Chris

In a message dated Thu, 24 May 2001  1:05:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Hot Grips® Jim Hollander <hotgrips at cyberportal.net> writes:

<< My 200 TQ air conditioning recently failed to function, and I noticed the AC
pump doesn't seem to engage (electric clutch), but when I look into the
fuses and relays, there appears to be nothing to replace?  Does anyone know
if it has been located elsewhere?

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