[200q20v] Engine problem on the 20v TQ

Anti Heinsoo anti at mega.ee
Mon May 28 17:01:34 EDT 2001

	Got a problem with my 200's engine, maybe somebody has any suggestions...
The problem is that one of its cylinders stops working after the engine has
become warm, after some 3 miles or so.. as long as the engine is cold it
runs perfectly well and after that it starts jumping when I try to
accelerate at some 1500-2000 RPM.. must be a problem with one particular
cylinder, because the sound is very regular. Changed the fuel and air
filters, spark plugs and spark plug wires (except one, parts have to be
ordered and it takes time until they arrive to where I live :P), which
really were crumbling in hands, and the situation improved greatly, but
still not completely. Also cooling liquid seems to be disappearing
somewhere, although I can't really see any leaks. Possibly the problem is
with the last spark plug wire, but until then - is it possible that there is
a crack in the engine near one of the cylinders and cooling liquid gets
inside it when it's hot and under pressure? Or any other suggestions what
the problem might be?


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