[200q20v] 91 200Q 20V cited For Sale

Gorman, Ken (PA62) ken.gorman at honeywell.com
Tue May 29 08:21:48 EDT 2001

I believe this is the same car that was placed in the Audifans marketplace
last week by Steve Bednarski at stevebednarski at mindspring.com

C. Deryl Benson checked the car out and posted a very favorable report in
the Audifans marketplace (ad# 429).  He also listed his phone number if
anyone has further questions.

Without taking up too much bandwidth, I'll copy an excerpt from his review:
"The car runs and drives like it was off the showroom floor"

Here's the market place link

Search for #429 for the review
Search for #410 for the advertisement for the car.


91 200tq - 170K miles

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