[200q20v] Dash Lights

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Thu May 31 11:22:13 EDT 2001

Whoever it was that just posted about the dash lights going out, thanks.  Not!


Last night while driving home, all my dash lights went out.  I heard an audible
"buzz" sound from somewhere in the cabin, then all the lights went out.  I was
at a stop sign, radio on, so I wasn't able to located the sound.

Got home, checked the #14 fuse.  Blown.  Put a new one in.  Got in the car
(engine/ignition off), and turned on the lights.  Everything worked fine, for
about 45 seconds, then I heard the "buzz" noise again, and out went the lights.

I obviously have a short somewhere, but where?  Is there a likely location for
this type of situation?  I put a new fuse in, but brought the bike into work
today.  I know the fuse controls the ashtray light, dash lights, glove box
light, as well as the under the hood and license plate lights.

Any thoughts on what might be my culprit?

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