[200q20v] 3B Drivetrain For Sale

Paul Friedenberg paulunm at msn.com
Thu Nov 1 07:17:31 EST 2001

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3B motor, tranny, rear diff from a '91 200 20v for sale. Car recently total=
led with 86,000 miles. Very well maintained, Mobil 1 used every 2,500 miles=
. Compression 140 at each cylinder. Always properly warmed up. Transmission=
 oil just changed, original fluid was perfect. I also have all associated p=
arts, Intercooler, Samco hoses. Everything except Turbo. I have a stock man=
ifold that can be included. I can either sell entire drivetrain for a S2 co=
nversion, or part by part. Entire drivetrain $6,000. Shipping will be handl=
ed by Yellow Freight, who can ship a motor across the country for no more t=
han $200.

Paul Friedenberg

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