[200q20v] Car Quit

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Nov 1 14:02:29 EST 2001

The 200q20v started right up today, drove long enough to warm up, restarted
when I came back from a brief errand and died as I was backing out of the
parking space.  Refused to start again.  I was just on a brief errand a
half dozen miles from home, so all the travel tools are in the back of the
V8, which needs the serpentine belt replaced (that was to be today's Audi
project).  Since the car refused to restart, it's begun raining, so I'm
leaving it until I can get to it, but any suggestions for it just
quitting?  Would the fuel pump fail with no warning?  I did try putting a
fuse in the top of the fuel pump relay, but I couldn't hear the pump or get
any change in the sound as the starter turned the engine over.

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