[200q20v] Wettrauer Chip

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
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Yes I have.
The chip they sell (from HQ Germany) is for
the 100 S4, born with the 2.5 Bar boost sensor.
They sell it for the 200 20V with the 2.0 Bar boost sensor.
It takes a month or two before they realise, they don't know
what to do and refund your money.
The problem is, the boostmap is overrun and your performance is worse than before. My 3. WOT test = +.5 sec. compared to standard.
My advice: Use the IA stage III which includes a 2.5 Bar sensor
or if you go for the Wett - install the 2.5 Bar sensor yourselves.
(But they don't know, what they do! - so what does the chip?)
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        I would like to know if anyone on the list has had any experience with Wettrauer and the chip they sell for the 200q20v?
I know that the bulk of the owners seem to go with either Hoppen or IA when buying chips , it's just that Wettrauer is somewhat local to me and would be easier to get. I could even do a short road trip to their facility and have them do the install. Thay are located in Indianapolis. Ant BTDT's.
Tom Czerniak

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