[200q20v] Speaking of Black Wagons....

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Thu Nov 1 18:33:41 EST 2001

Anyone on the list driving a black 200q20v Avant in the Chestnut Hill area
of Philadelphia?

Middle-aged guy driving it, don't know if you saw me on Stenton waiting in
a line of traffic. Beautiful car, need one to complement my sedan.

Never saw a 20v Avant other than one Pearl White example in Bala Cynwyd,
so they're out there... makes the count nine total in the area, I think.


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Hi List,

I just spotted a Black wagon on I 75 north of Clarkston Michigan. It had
lights, dark tint, blackout tail lights, 17 in wheels and it was
lowered...cool looking car...I thought mine was the only black one in the
state I guess I was wrong....The question is...is the owner on this list? I
would like to test drive it.

Best regards,

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