[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] Re: 3B Drivetrain For Sale

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Thu Nov 1 22:16:07 EST 2001

No, too much, and not enough actually.  The driveshaft from the 200 won't fit
on the 90q, it's too long.  The IC won't fit either, no place to put it.  The
rear diff would be redundant, the 90q is a 4.11 with locking diff  from the
factory.  For the S2, you really only need the engine, harness and ECU.  The
trans could be included, but not necessary.  Without turbo means another
500bux minimum for the buyer, plus another 200 to his door.  That's a 6700USD
S2 engine, .  Then he needs downpipe and exhaust to make it all happen.

If you are marketing this for an S2 conversion at that price, buy a turbo and
throw it in on the deal.  No one will call *you* nuts if you sell it at this
price.  These lists are going to eat you up tho.  You *had* to expect that!

Best of luck2u

Scott J

Paul writes:
I think this price is fair for a motor, transaxle, driveshaft, rear diff,
ECU, intercooler hoses. Everything needed to do a conversion to a S2. $6000
is a starting point. Thanks for your help guys.

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