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I also subscribed when the Mrs., was looking to buy an older porsche.  Since
the report service was for two months, I looked up many cars.  I found an
accident on my 1990 200 10V BUT also had the "Car Fax service" fail to show
(a insurance loss/buy back/totalled settlement) on a visually totalled
vehicle on a NH auto lot (owner said it was salvaged) when I ran the VIN.
The car had been parked for several months.
I'm sure there is a problem with accurate records of any vehicle.
-Scott in BOSTON

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> HI all,
> My brother just purchased a Carfax report for a car he is selling and
> decided to run one on his old GTI that was totaled almost 2 years ago.
> The report showed a clean history and he e-mailed me to let me know (first
> thread).

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