[200q20v] NO2 anyone?

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
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NO, not NO2 but I use N2O -
Installed it night over, when my Garret T04/50 spun
the bearings
You don't have to modify the ECU.
NOS systems come with separate injectors for both
N2O and fuel combined to a single nozzle to drill in
10 cm before the throttle.
Changing injectors and watching a fuel/air gauge from
the lambda sender and examining sparks is enough for
the deal in.
I suppose to have 300 HP standard and + 120 - 150 HP N2O
giving 1/4 miles close to 13.00 sec and 0-60 mph < 5.0 sec.
This is better than my Garret T04/50 and IA 3 Bar chipset.
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Hello again audifans,
   First off I would just like to say how much i appreciate the response as to my 1 of 115 question.  It turns out that the seller was indeed mistaken when he said that my car is one of 115, and should have said one of 1115 or so 1991 Audi 200q20v's.  Glad to get that cleared up.  Now here is a question that probably doesn't come up all that often for an Audi site...Has anyone out there tried to use Nitrous Oxide with their 5 cyl Turbo?  I transferred from a turbobricks Volvo page and this was a big topic there.  I have heard that using NO2 with turbo is extra good because the NO2 cools the typically hot charge even more.  I have also heard that in most cases NO2 does not damage the engine if used properly, does this hold true for the Audi mill?  Would the installation of NO2 necessitate cpu modifications?  Either way, i just thought it may be interesting to throw out there as a possible alternative to higher boost or wilder cams...seems like a pretty cost efficient source of horsepower so...what's the catch

Adam C
'91 200q20v pearl white, no mods...yet
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