[200q20v] Windshield Washer Failure

Neil Vonhof nhvonhof at home.com
Sat Nov 3 10:09:06 EST 2001

No spray, no sound of the pump running, wipers move when washer switch
activated, as they should......
Looking at the Bentley I think it's mentioning some relays under the
dash above drivers knee that may or may be related to this?. Fuses OK.
Also (probably unrelated) the trunk light no longer comes on when
opening. Pulled it out and can rub the contact wire on the metal of the
trunk (ground) and the bulb lights up. But does not activate when
opening the trunk. Swtich "appears" to be in good condition.
Any BTDT on these rather trivial matters? (To include removal of the
washer res. and pump replacement?)
Neil Vonhof, Seattle
91 200q20v Sedan 136,000 miles
IA Stage III, Bilsteins, Borbet 5 spoke wheels
Glacier Blue

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