[200q20v] Fwd: Carfax History on VIN:[1VWDB017XGV049014]

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Sat Nov 3 21:35:44 EST 2001

My 200q shows a potential speedo rollback on it. I ran a report a couple
years ago when they had a free special going. The State of Montana used the
mileage shown on the title I turned into them when I transfered the title
from WA to MT, even though I gave them the actual odo reading at transfer
time. Of course, that WA title had the mileage from when I had purchasd the
car in WA 3+ yrs earlier on it.  So carfax shows a 25k rollback. Not
carfaxes fault, not my fault and at this point, I am not willing to waste my
time to attempt to correct the problem in the MT system.


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