[200q20v] Slow starting

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Sun Nov 4 16:42:30 EST 2001

No, I haven't checked it. How do you check it? Bentley only shows how to
check the fuel pump check valve, and that involves some pressure testing
device I don't have. I hate to just start replacing things without knowing
what it is. The car seems to run fine, and miles per gallon seems OK. It is
definitely losing fuel pressure, because if I turn the igintion key, but
don't start it, I can hear the fuel pump running for a few seconds and then
it starts right up. Thanks for the advice anyway.

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> Gary,
> Sounds like it may be the fuel pressure accumulator.  Have you checked it?
> If you lose residual pressure, it takes a few seconds for the pump to
> repressurize the system.
> Of course a pressure loss could occur elsewhere, ie sticking injector etc,
> but retaining enough fuel pressure to start the car is the primary duty of
> the accumulator.
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina
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