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In the cheap solution - it is simple:
The NOS (a trademark common used for N2O) set consist of
a) 2 solenoids with on/off valves
b) the exchangeable jets in the braided flex lines meeting in an
common nozzle. ( Drill and tap included !)
3) The N2O bottle with safety pressure valve and outlet through
the trunk bottom
4) An arming switch in the cabin wired in series with a full throttle
switch in series with the 2 parallel solenoids.
5) A braided flex line from bottle to the NOS solenoid.
The "difficult" issue is to tap off from the common fuel rail.
I made special long banjo bolt with 2 outlets instead of  the
front-most one.
Later installed an adjustable fuel pressure unit and a fuel pressure
sender. (This should not be placed on top of the intake manifold /
fuel rail - but at a place, where the temperature is not changing that much) But remember - fuel pressure is up to 70 Psi.
The fuel gauge is for engine safety - the adjustable fuel pressure unit is part of the IA V set-up and not needed for running N2O.


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> >NOS systems come with separate injectors for both
> >N2O and fuel combined to a single nozzle to drill in
> >10 cm before the throttle.
> Wow, I never knew that this is the way it was done for FI cars with Nitrous
> (I kind of wondered).  DOes this mean that you have to tap off the fuel rail
> and the nitrous bottle for this injector?  Kind of like a 2 in 1 thing?
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