[200q20v] Bilstein Sports rear shock <clunk>

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Mon Nov 5 16:44:32 EST 2001

My understanding is Bilstein HD ((heavy duty) are for stock length springs,
and the Sports are for shorter, ie. lowering springs. Don't know how
critical that is, or if that is what's causing the clunk, but I have Sports
on my S4 with shorter Eibachs and HD's on the 200 with stock springs, and no
clunks. There is some shock tech info at www.urs4.com.  HTH

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> Similar to the bad rear shock thread, I just installed new Bilstein Sports
> B46-2066 on rear and
> have a similar clunk on the slightest bump.  Noted the Bilsteins are 1"
> shorter
> than the old stock Boge, called back vendor and he saw a note from
> that
> shorter springs recommended for this application.
> Is this really necessary? Is anyone else using Bilstein with stock
> springs?   Does the large rubber bump stop need to be removed?
> Another option would be cutting the bump-stop in half, any other ideas?
> I seem to be bottoming out early on the bump stop due to reduced travel.
> know from other Bilstein installs (on a 911) that
> the bump stop is removed due to internal bump stop but that is a different
> application,
> (Bilstein upside-down design for front strut). The
> car rides wonderfully but the <clunk> is really unnerving and I would like
> to fix it asap.
> Thanks,
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