[200q20v] When head meets windshield - pics

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That's one headace I wouldn't want!


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> All,
>  I've added some links to 3 pictures of my wife's newly modified
> Seems we've had a little accident in which my son's head and Carol's 91
> windshield connected - fortunately in this case my son's head won.
>  This was a great lesson to all that even at extremely slow speeds cars
> still dangerous and seat belts are a good idea. In this case AJ thought
> belt was secure. Carol was coming to a stop at the end of our driveway
> AJ was leaning forward. Just as she hit the brakes bonk went AJ's head.
>  Thankfully AJ is perfectly fine and confirms what I've thought all along.
> That is, my son's head is indeed made of rocks.
> Anton
> http://gaidos.got.net/aj_windshield1.jpg
> http://gaidos.got.net/aj_windshield2.jpg
> http://gaidos.got.net/aj_windshield3.jpg
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