[200q20v] When head meets windshield - pics

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Tue Nov 6 06:22:58 EST 2001

Amazing, Anton!  Missed your original post about how exactly it happened,
but my son Shashank (then 2) managed to break my windshield at exactly the
same spot a couple of years ago.  He was bouncing up and down in the seat
when we were waiting in a parking lot, and even as I was trying to
dissuade him, bump, craaack.  He was none the worse for the wear, and
continued to bounce!

I told my insurance company that it was a rock -- good thing they never
asked how the rock hit the *inside* :-)


PS: What is it with the windshields of glacier blue Audis, anyway?

 On Mon, 5 Nov 2001,
Wolff wrote:

> Yes, but does he take after his father?  ;-)
> Wolff
> "Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton
> >  Thankfully AJ is perfectly fine and confirms what I've thought all along.
> > That is, my son's head is indeed made of rocks.
> > Anton
> > http://gaidos.got.net/aj_windshield1.jpg
> > http://gaidos.got.net/aj_windshield2.jpg
> > http://gaidos.got.net/aj_windshield3.jpg
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