[200q20v] Bilstein Sports rear shock <clunk>

Jagernauth, Stephen, BMSLS sjagernauth at ems.att.com
Tue Nov 6 09:27:38 EST 2001

		>You may well have the wrong shock for your short springs,
but this may not
		>be your clunk.  Check the upper control arm ball ends,
especially the outer


Thanks for the suggestions but I don't have short springs, I have stock
springs and already confirmed the
correct part No.  Doubt it's unrelated to the shock/spring combo, clunk was
there before.  I had a buddy rock the car by standing on the bumper and I
see visible lateral movement of the shock supporting  my theory that the
large bump stop
is interfering with full travel.  I was hoping there was someone out there
who installed
their own Bilstein Sports with stock springs who could confirm or refute
this before I take
it apart again, already did it twice to check things out.  I also checked
that I did not install
the lower spring perch supplied by Bilstein upside-down.  I was very careful
in laying out
all the parts in the order they came out so they went back in the same
order.  This is about
the 8th or 10th time I've changed shocks, (4 of which were Audi Type 44) so
it's not operator-error.

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