[200q20v] FW: shocks and springs question ...

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Tue Nov 6 18:19:27 EST 2001

  Been out of townfor acouple of days. I'll see if I can dig up part
numbers. I _may_ have used the V8 springs in the rear. Give me a couple of
days to check and I'll post to the list (200q20v list I assume).

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Jerry, you have a wagon with H&R's, correct?  Would you have this info?
Thanks, Chris

 RXT writes:

> chris,
>  would you have the manuf. part #'s for the following shocks and springs
> will fit a '91 audi 200 TQ 20V WAGON?  i was told that the Wagon may be
> different from the sedan.
>  1. Bilstein (HD) shocks (front and rear)
>  2. H & R springs
>  thank you very much in advance again.
>  cheers,
>  robert (san francisco)

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