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Neil Vonhof nhvonhof at home.com
Tue Nov 6 20:51:31 EST 2001

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I pulled this off of a site a year and a half ago. (Could be either Chris
Miller's or Scott M's). So, according to this you have found the correct part

     Are you using the correct Distributor Rotor for the 3B 20V Turbo Engine in
the 1991 200TQ ?
The 3B designated 20V Turbo engine used in the 1991 200TQ used a unique
Distributor Rotor with a narrow tip that can be difficult to find in the US.
This narrow tip rotor is required to prevent any ignition cross firing inside
the distributor cap at high RPM. Some people have reported cross firing when
using the incorrect distributor rotor, which caused engine damage (bent rod)
when the incorrect cylinder was fired under very high boost.
     The Bosch catalog shows the INCORRECT distributor rotor (Bosch 04170 or
the 1 234 332 350 R1) for this 20V Turbo application. This 04170 (1 234 332 350
R1) rotor has a wider electrode tip measuring 0.710 inches (~18mm).
The correct Distributor Rotor is the Bosch 1 234 332 414 R1 (Audi 054 905 225),
which has a narrow electrode tip measuring only 0.432 inches, (~11.0mm). Some
of the popular aftermarket Audi parts suppliers have ordered these special
rotors in from Germany.
     The other important thing to note about this rotor, is that it is glued
onto the distributor shaft, and it needs to be broken or crushed when removing
it from the shaft using a pair of channel lock pliers. You can also use a
dremel cutting wheel to cut off the old rotor. Be careful not to damage the
shaft when crushing this rotor and removing the left over pieces. You need to
thoroughly clean the distributor shaft with some sand paper and some
non-residue cleaning solvent, (loctite primer solution is recommended) and then
use Loctite 640 (or equivalent) to secure the new rotor in place. The Loctite
needs at least 4 hours to dry before you can start the engine. This operation
is not easy given the restricted access to the distributor on the 3B 20V
Engine. Some people remove the intake manifold to allow easier access to the

Neil Vonhof

PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can any one verify the correct part number for the distributor rotor?
> I found Bosch #1234 332 414 R1 in the archives.
> My car is at Anderson Motor Sports for some other issues, and the rotor may
> be in question.  They may not be aware of the unique rotor.  So I want to
> make sure I get the correct one.
> Thanks,
> Pete
> 91 Avant
> Mpls, MN.
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