[200q20v] Big Reds (actually Blacks) Correction

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at home.com
Tue Nov 6 22:44:14 EST 2001

Paul Wachholz recently wrote, in part (to all three lists):

>My other .02 here is, no offense meant to Scott, but these rotors and
>calipers were designed to work as a system, with specific components
>matched to work with other specific components. Not using the pieces in
>the correct manner with the correct parts can lead to system failure. I
>recall going through this a year or so ago on this list to the point
>that I gave up and left the list completely. For instance, as I recall,
>and I may be slightly off on my recollection, but BIRA was doing a kit
>that used a Porsche caliper designed for a 32 mm thick rotor with an A8
>rotor that, as I recall started as a 30 mm thick rotor. The significance
>of this is Porsche and Brembo clearly state the wear limit on the rotor
>is 2 mm. Meaning when the rotor is down to 30 mm thick it is done...
>Throw it out and get a new one! Why? Because that is the design limit of
>the caliper. If you run a 30 mm rotor done to 28 mm and you have half
>wore pads, you run a SERIOUS risk of first ripping the dust seal,
>allowing crap to get into the piston bore(s) ultimately destroying the
>caliper from a scratched bore that will no longer seal, and/or the
>caliper piston hyper extending and breaking the inner pressure seal.
>This would cause a failure in brake hydraulic system.
>I know... I know... There are many folks out there that are running
>these (and other) setups that are perfect in design. I can only
>ask..."Is the risk worth it to you?
>BTW, as I don't sell adapters for any Audis, I have no vested interest
>in this conversation other than I hate to see incorrect info being

You "hate to see incorrect info being posted."  That's rich Wachholz, particularly when one considers that everything you've stated above is totally and completely incorrect.

Contrary to your specious claim, BIRA has NEVER done "a kit that uses a Porsche caliper designed for a 32mm thick rotor with an A8 rotor that started as a 30mm thick."  BIRA's systems are as follows:

System 1 uses the Boxster monobloc caliper, which was made for a 24mm thick rotor, over a 25mm thick rotor.

System 2, 3, and UFO use the Carrera monobloc caliper, which was made for a 28mm thick rotor, over a 30mm thick neuS4 rotor in the first instance, a 30mm thick Euro A8 rotor in the second instance, and a 30mm thick directional Mercedes rotor in the third instance.  The pad pins are modified to match the pin-to-rotor clearance that Porsche specified in its original design.

System 6 uses the 996tt monobloc caliper, which was made for a 32mm thick rotor, over Porsche's 322x32mm rotor.

"Slightly off in your recollection"?  Given that you posted your drivel on three Audi lists and that the correct information regarding BIRA's systems is readily available at its website (http://www.bira.org), I find it very difficult to believe that all your BS is based on "faulty recollection."  Before you start spreading "BIRA Brakes according to Wachholz" on three Audi lists, I'd respectfully suggest that you check, and recheck your facts, and make sure you KNOW what you're writing about. Truth and fair comment are the only viable defenses to a libel and/or defamation action and in this instance, you're light years away. The coup de gras is that you've put it all in writing, so you can't deny any of it.

In yet another post, you claim:

>"The S8 rotor, although, should be a perfect fit for the Big Reds,
>assuming it is the correct thickness of 32 mm."

Your assumption is incorrect - the S8 uses a 30mm thick rotor.

In sum Wachholz, your attempts to cast yourself as a Porsche Audi-brake expert have failed, miserably. After you write your public retraction and apology and post it to all three lists, please feel free to give up again and leave these lists for another year.  No one will miss the tripe you're attempting to sell here.

Greg Johnson

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