[200q20v] Big Red (actually blacks) Eating Crow

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at home.com
Wed Nov 7 07:29:26 EST 2001

Fellow Audians,

I've not read my e-mail yet this morning.  I suspect I don't want to.

I violated one of my inviolate e-mail rules last night -- never push the
send button, late at night after you've written an angry e-mail -- wait
until morning; see how it reads; you will probably need to edit.   I
failed to follow my own rule.  Furthermore, I failed to follow my own
advice: "check, and recheck your facts, and make sure you KNOW what
you're writing about" and now I get to reap the consequences of what I
have sown.

I apologize to all of you, but most of all, I apologize to Mr.
Wachholz.  It was around 4 a.m. this morning that I suddenly realized
what he had recalled.  Immediately after that, came the realization that
he was right and I was very wrong.  BIRA's Systems 4 and 5 use Porsche's
996tt monobloc caliper (designed for a 32mm wide caliper) over the
European S8 323x30mm rotor and the the US-spec S8 345x30mm rotor,
respectively.  No one has ever ordered brackets for System 4 or 5, so
thankfully, neither one is actually in use.  Mr. Wachholz posed the
question:  "Is the risk worth it to you."   BIRA's answer is "no, the
risk is not worth it."   Hence, unless some can viably refute Mr.
Wachholz's argument of why a 30mm thick rotor should not be used with a
caliper that was designed for a 32mm thick rotor, Systems 4 and 5 are
officially dead.

Again,  I am very sorry.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a very large crow to eat.

Greg Johnson

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