[200q20v] RE: [BIRA] Big Red (actually blacks) Eating Crow

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Wed Nov 7 09:05:43 EST 2001

A flash of brake lights, the squeal of tires, the smell of burning
A drivers passing thought, "If only, if only I'd gone with those 625mm
x 50mm drilled, cross-drilled, vented, cryogenic rotors with the
lithium hats and gold lame titanium fasteners ......" followed by a
bone crushing silence.

Say Greg, could this be described as a small brake failure perhaps?

No need for apologies as far as I'm concerned.  A little heat once and
a while takes some of the excitement away from those less mundane
"Hey, we just saw $x per/ gallon consumer gas price reports.

Hey, we all have bad 4AM's.  I always thought that's what they
invented caffeine in coffee for - a source & scape goat for male PMS.
;-)  Say when are we going to get those 625mm x 50 or 40mm brake
setups any way?


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> Fellow Audians,
> I've not read my e-mail yet this morning.  I suspect I
> don't want to.

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