[200q20v] New Haven CT get together Sunday

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Nov 8 01:48:49 EST 2001

This popped up on the main list, thought 20 valvers might be
interested.  Its also pretty easy to not catch announcements like
these on the main list...

Anyway, I grabbed the most pertinent info.

Would be great to meet some 20v listers...


>From: Kwattro at aol.com
>Subject: Time and place, get together.
>To: <GMBCHEF at aol.com>
>Cc: <quattro at audifans.com>
>November 11, 2:30, Gary's in New Haven.  Hope this works for people,
>check Gary's e-mails for directions.  As far as I know, both my CSQ
>and the GT will be in attendence, unless one or both break.

>From: GMBCHEF at aol.com
>Subject: New Haven Meeting
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>OK guys. Here's my address:
>  30 Waite Street
>Hamden, CT
>   If you who are planning to attend need better directions than what's
>offered on line, let me know and I'll post them.
>   And if you're early, no bother. I'll just pop a bottle of beer or pour a
>cup of coffee for ya and hand you a wrench to help on the UR-Q!

>From: GMBCHEF at aol.com
>Subject: Re: New Haven Meeting
>To: t44tq at mindspring.com, quattro at audifans.com

>   I think the PA pike picks up the NJ pike at exit 6 on the NJ pike. Go
>north, follow over the George Washington Bridge, top highway. The bottom will
>get you through, but its for local traffic access. The road is kinda rough,
>so keep your eyes out for pot holes! Follow the 95 north signs to New
>England.  Once into CT, keep going until you see RTE. 91 north. That will be
>in New Haven, just before going over a bridge. Get off at exit 6, a left
>exit. Threes a wicked decreasing radius right hand turn at the bottom of the
>exit. Go right at the stop sign. Follow it until you come to the end, at a
>light. That's Whitney Ave. Take this road till you cross over a lake. You'll
>see the lake as you're driving, but when you get to a causeway, take a left
>at the light right after the causeway. That's Waite Street. We're # 30, I'll
>have my 4kq parked in the front yard.
>You may have to park on a side street. Drive way not very big.
>If you need to, you can call me at 203-248-0564
>Bring your own refreshments. I think we might be going to a rest. up the
>street with a big lot

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