[200q20v] Eurolights protection

Gene Caldwell gene.ghc at verizon.net
Thu Nov 8 03:54:56 EST 2001

Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
> At 8:34 AM -0800 11/6/01, Bernie Benz wrote:
> >I am using Stongard, but would not recommend them for 200 Euros because of
> >the poor coverage and fit.  Better, find a source for the 3M material and
> >cut your own.
> Hmm, are you referring to something other than the approx. 3/8"
> margin (around the periphery of the lens) that Stonegard leaves
> uncovered? I thought coverage and fit were OK except for that, but I
> don't think it creates a significant risk as it's where the lens is
> strongest.
> Phil

That is what I thought also when I installed them on my other Audi, a
'94 90.  But a rock managed to find the unprotected edge and did a good
job of breaking the lense.  I managed to get 3 protected years from the
Stonegard, and there are some significant wounds in the protective
covers from object encounters.

I used the raw material approach (Griot's) for the replacement unit and
got much more thorough coverage.


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