[200q20v] re: lowering springs, specs

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 8 10:41:54 EST 2001

I can measure that at Gary's get together this weekend, if someone
reminds me and brings a tape measure.


BTW- have any listers found problems obtaining H&R 29800? I tried
getting them through RD Enterprises and they told me they were no
longer made and thus not available. 2Bennett came through when they
had them in stock and I ordered a set through them, at a significant
premium- I think the springs were $329 as opposed to the $260 or $270
price I got through RD. Then again, maybe that's why they couldn't
get them- I negotiated too low of a price and the spring price went
up in the meantime. Just speculation.

I bought the shocks and springs this summer- 2001.


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