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Steve Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Thu Nov 8 18:19:37 EST 2001

    Another rather involved option ... I did a conventional brake
conversion (Porsche 996 monblock calipers and 323 X 30 mm A8 rotors)
last fall from Anderson Motorsport, that used the existing UFO strut
assy., but needed to have the hubs retooled and added hub centric rings
to align the rotors.  UFO hubs have a hub centric flange that is not
deep enough to hold any conventional (translated - cheaper) rotors that
we could find on the market.  The system cost me $1260 (last fall) for
ALL parts and tooling needed except for pads, shipping, and getting the
hubs off and on again (includes brackets, rotors, calipers, 4 ss lines,
new wheel bearings, hub centric rings, bolts, washers etc.). The price
was right, with excellent performance, but extra hassle with changing
hubs if not local.  The bonus is that I can and do convert back to UFO
brakes in the winter (with smaller hub centric rings) so I can use 15"
wheels with my 195/65 NRW's.  Unfortunately you will have to go to at
least 16" wheels (this one fits 16" urS4 and Ronal LV's so far) with any
upgrade and as Bernie and Taka stated, for 15" wheels you can't do
better than the UFO system.
Mini apples

Mark Trank wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience with a brake conversion kit from UFO to
>conventional brakes involving "Wilwood" components?  Supposedly this will
>fit in 15" wheels and uses stock strut assembly.
>mtrank at albemarle.org
>91 200q20v 90k miles
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