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At 07:32 AM 11/8/2001 -0500, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
>So, has anyone measured the fender to center of wheel measurements for the
>various spring and shock combos used on our cars (including stock)?  Greg
>Amy did on his Bilstein/H&R setup (plus 1/8" thinner front spring pads):
>about 14-3/8" front, 13-3/8" rear (see his original note below).

Below is my edited report to the list from about 3 years ago (Oct '98).  A
few updates:
*  H&R 29921 is now specified as the spring for both the V8 and the '92-'96
*  Eibach 1529.140 mentioned here is the "correct" version of these
springs, as originally released by Eibach, and not the erroneous group
purchase many encountered last year.

>To: 200q20v
>From: Linus Toy <linust at mindspring.com>
>Subject: new shocks & springs
>the struts/shocks are Bilstein HD (if you follow the N. Amer. HD/Sport
>designation) or Sport (if you follow the European Sport/Sprint
>terminology).  P36-0370 fronts, B46-2065 rears.
>the springs are H&R #29921.  if you look these up, you'll find they are
>the H&R springs for the V8, not the 200q 20v (H&R # 29800)  I opted for
>these because the 29800 are designed to drop the 200q 20v 1.5" front and
>1.4" rear while the 29921 are designed to drop the (heavier) V8 only 1.3"
>front and rear.  H&R says spring rates are:  29921, Fr=300#/in, Rr=330
>#/in. 29800, Fr=220#/in, Rr=310 #/in.
>here's what happened (use courier font to view this):
>measurements are in inches from center of stock (BBS RG) wheel cap to top
>of fender arch, and average left and right sides.
>end    stock    Bil+H&R (drop)   Bil+Eibach          Bil+H&R #2
>---    ------   ---------------  --------------      ----------
>fr     15.125   14.75   (-.375)  14.875   (-0.25)    14.25  (-.875)
>rr     14       13.375  (-.625)  12.75    (-1.25)    13     (-1.0)
>the Bil+Eibach combination was measured using Eibach '92- S4/100q spring
>set (1529.140) which is out of production (Sportwheels reportedly has at
>least one set left).  for you number heads, Eibach says this spring set is
>250#/inch linear front, 290-300#/in progressive rear.  The car this was
>installed on, however, had been hit right rear (& repaired)--heights
>reported are averages--left & right did not match.  I believe the shocks
>were also a custom, softer Bilstein, and not off-the-shelf.
>Bil+H&R #2 is what another lister reported to me, using H&R 29800 and the
>shorter Sport (HD/Sport designation) Bilsteins.

Hope this is useful to someone.
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