[200q20v] UFO conversion

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Nov 9 09:22:52 EST 2001

No big deal- I've already purchased my brake parts and now
am only waiting for the machine shop to send me my brackets.


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    No, that price was parts and hub machining only.  I can't tell you
what I paid for the hub labor since I had the springs and shocks
installed at the same time.  I did some of the install work on brake
lines, struts, and  some of the final brake bracket mock up work
(possibly incurred some nuisance penalties?) and got a labor charge of
$315 (some of which was not related to the brake job).  Keith's estimate
was about 1.25  hours for the strut/hub work (taking off brakes, struts,
pressing off hub, pressing on new hub with new bearings) should cost in
the $150 range.  This  wouldn't include adding the new brake system
which you would need to do at most shops so you couldn't drive the car
home with your UFO's (unless you also had the UFO hub centric rings for
the newly machined hubs).  See what I meant about the hassle of the
hubs.  If you can get the struts off yourself (no small task) it should
cost no more than about $50 to have the machined hubs and new bearings
installed (just a machine press needed).
    Not sure about the price difference.  Keith gave me that price last
year as a package for everyone ... one years inflation, possibly higher
machining costs? - he may just need to sharpen his pencil a bit.  Did
your quote include a $150 refundable hub exchange fee?
    I will talk to Keith tomorrow about the price(s).


TM wrote:

>I'm rather surprised that you only paid $1260- does that include
>labor for the hub installation?
>I was quoted $1600 by Keith, that's why I'm waiting for BIRA to
>ship me brackets, as I'd need to expend another $400 in labor.

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