[200q20v] C4, C5 what's the difference? was Re: [s-cars] Imitation as flattery?

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Fri Nov 9 13:36:08 EST 2001

At Fri, 09 Nov 2001 18:59:20 -0000, you wrote
>As for the design issue... I too am having a hard time coming to
>terms with the new A6 design. Unless a 4.2 model with the big
>fenders, and at that in a dark color to hide that hideous plate
>surround in the back, I just see it as flat out UGLY. I think Audi
>would have been better off design wise slowly smoothing out the C4
>design (last of the good looking Audis) ... they did it with the A8,
>then the A4... the sloped trunk is gross, and now with the new A4
>they kind of threw a hard angle on there. I think the new A4 is ok,
>and in cases looks very good, but still nothing compared to the more
>classic Audi design.

I think all the Audis since the CQ/90s and 200s have been ugly (bulbous and
goofy looking), but of those (pretty much '92 and up) the newest A6, A4, etc.
are the nicest.  I think the urA6 is pretty ugly too, nothing like the sleek
and low 200s/V8s/100s/5000tqs, etc.  At least the newest A6s, especially the
4.2s and S6s are somewhat nicer than their predecessors, but they're both
basically playing on that same bulbous and goofy-looking theme instead of the
previous sleek one.

'91 200q20v

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