[200q20v] RE: C4, C5 what's the difference? was Re: [s-cars] Imitation as flattery? (Chris Covington)

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 10 23:20:38 EST 2001

>I think all the Audis since the CQ/90s and 200s have been ugly (bulbous and
>goofy looking), but of those (pretty much '92 and up) the newest A6, A4,
>are the nicest.  I think the urA6 is pretty ugly too, nothing like the
>and low 200s/V8s/100s/5000tqs, etc.  At least the newest A6s, especially
>4.2s and S6s are somewhat nicer than their predecessors, but they're both
>basically playing on that same bulbous and goofy-looking theme instead of
>previous sleek one.

>'91 200q20v

	I agree on the newer A6s for sure.  I think that all of the newer A6's are
pretty non-descript and ugly.  However, I strongly disagree on the
urA6/urS4.  I think these cars are very aggressive and much sportier looking
than the previous 200's and 5ks.  Especially the prior to '91 200's and 5ks
with the non-rounded rear wheel wells.
--Calvin Craig
Parker, CO
'92 S4
'91 200 TQ
'89 200 TQW
'72 Formula Firebird

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