[200q20v] value of the list

Bruce Boeder BBoeder at BoederLaw.com
Mon Nov 12 11:07:24 EST 2001

If you wonder about the quality of members of the list, my recent experience
might demonstrate the high level of personal integrity of the list's

My avant has had intermittent radio problems with radio not always powering
up.  I saw a posting a month or so ago by a list member who was parting out
a sedan.  He had a Bose radio listed for sale.  I contacted him and to cut a
long story short, ended up with the radio in my possession.

Turns out that the Avant apparently isn't set up to use the Bose radio, even
though it looks exactly like the radio that is in my car, other than the
"Bose" word is missing from the front piece.  My mechanic, who has his own
avant, confirmed that it wouldn't work.

I accordingly contacted the seller and asked if he would consider taking it
back, with a small "restocking fee" to cover his time and try to resell it.
He agreed and has done that.  Obviously he could have said "used part,
sorry".  On the other hand, I wouldn't expect anything different from a
member of the list.

Thanks, Paul.

Bruce Boeder
200/20v avant with a radio that still doesn't consistently power up but with
trust in fellow mankind, at least of the Audi type, restored

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