[200q20v] Help needed on non-Bose (Avant) radio replacement

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Mon Nov 12 12:46:47 EST 2001

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I've got a Nakamichi CD35Z to replace my old Delta radio. I've got a problem
with the rear speakers, i.e., they do not work connected up the same way as
the Delta was.

The harness in the car (and the Bentley) show connections for RR and LR +
wires, and a single R - line that serves both. The shop I bought the unit
from said to connect the reciever's RR- and LR- lines together, and then
connect them to the single R- wire. Nothing happens.

To test the unit, I connected the rear leads to the front speakers, and
confirmed that the radio does put out a signal to the rear.

I see in the Bentley that those three leads go to the "booster" , which then
outputs 4 separate + lines (to each of the factory rear tweeter and midrange
speakers) and 2 - lines,  left and right,  which connect to the mid and
tweeter on each side jointly.

First, do I have a separate  factory amp with crossover hidden somewhere in
my car? The Bentley implies so, but where is the little devil?

The Nakamichi has "Max.power x 4 at 4 ohms 43W" so maybe I could bypass the
amp, but I still  need a crossover for the factory mid and tweeters, right?

I'd really appreciate some help on how to rig this thing up!


Tom F.
91 200q20v Avant
and a bunch of vanagons...

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