[200q20v] Re: Front Shock Replacement: Workaround or Tool needed

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 12 13:16:14 EST 2001


Jack up the car, support the front hub, lift the dust boot, and remove the
cap with a big pipe wrench. You can get the wrench through the spring coils
onto the cap. You may want to soak it well in penetrating oil first -
sometimes these are quite rusty.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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> And my second question for the day:
> I bought 4 Bilstein HDs  and started to swap out the old ones over the
> weekend. I thought I would do the fronts first, since the "top down"
> seemed so easy....
> Well, once I got in there, the big problem is the threaded collar holding
> the shock in. Bentley calls for a "2078" (book  is at home- maybe is a
> "2079") which must be about a foot long hollow spark plug wrench sort of
> thing, except its business end fits into a hex shaped recess about 30mm in
> diameter on the top of the collar. Even my local friend who has massive
> collection VAG tools from a VW dealer that went belly up in NY state a
> back did not have the tool.
> Any other ideas? I figure I could abandon the top down approach, remove
> strut and spring, and try to get it off with a pipe wrench on the bench,
> if you know a better way, or want to lend or rent the right tool, please
> me know!
> I'm trying to get the beast back on the road for a Thanksgiving trip:
> DC-Chicago-DC.
> Thanks again
> Tom F.
> 91 200q20v Avant
> and a bunch of Vanagons

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