[200q20v] Help needed on non-Bose (Avant) radio replacement

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Mon Nov 12 18:01:28 EST 2001

There is an amp/crossover (booster per Bentley). It is located under the
rear seat, to the drivers side of the centerline. I'm no car audio expert,
but I did a fair amount of cursing and head scratching trying to put new
speakers and crossover in my Avant. My car already had a non stock Alpine
radio in it with the original speakers. In the course of my journey, I found
they had some kind of variable output device hooked up between the radio and
the rear 'booster'. I took that variable output device and the booster out
and hooked up the new speakers and crossover. I guess my advice is, if you
are keeping the stock booster, you may want to consult a pro car stereo shop
to hook up the radio to it.

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> I've got a Nakamichi CD35Z to replace my old Delta radio. I've got a
> with the rear speakers, i.e., they do not work connected up the same way
> the Delta was.
> The harness in the car (and the Bentley) show connections for RR and LR +
> wires, and a single R - line that serves both. The shop I bought the unit
> from said to connect the reciever's RR- and LR- lines together, and then
> connect them to the single R- wire. Nothing happens.
> To test the unit, I connected the rear leads to the front speakers, and
> confirmed that the radio does put out a signal to the rear.
> I see in the Bentley that those three leads go to the "booster" , which
> outputs 4 separate + lines (to each of the factory rear tweeter and
> speakers) and 2 - lines,  left and right,  which connect to the mid and
> tweeter on each side jointly.
> First, do I have a separate  factory amp with crossover hidden somewhere
> my car? The Bentley implies so, but where is the little devil?
> The Nakamichi has "Max.power x 4 at 4 ohms 43W" so maybe I could bypass
> amp, but I still  need a crossover for the factory mid and tweeters,
> I'd really appreciate some help on how to rig this thing up!
> Thanks
> Tom F.
> 91 200q20v Avant
> and a bunch of vanagons...
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