[200q20v] RE: wheel well liners and 17" rims

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Nov 12 19:32:28 EST 2001

At 6:27 PM -0500 11/12/01, TM wrote:
>Um- no. I've had no clearance problems with 17x7.5 ET45 S4tt
>Avus or with 17x8 ET35 Oettinger RE, both with 225/45R17 tires.
>Have you tried removing the wheelwell liner and reinstalling it?
>I guess it's possible that either it was removed at one time and
>not properly reinstalled or something broke and it is not properly
>mounted any longer.
>I guess I'll check my car tomorrow to see what's up.
>The car looks great w/ the Ronals- is your car lowered?

Yes, it's lowered...H&Rs/Bilsteins.  For those not at the event,
here's a pic of the only good side on the car(approx 40kb):


Brightness/contrast optimized for Mac heads(sorry PCs; looks way too
dark+red on my Win2k box, yucko.  If anyone knows the best way to
publish photos gamma-corrected for both platforms, by all means,
email me in private.)

>BTW- you gotta get that dent in the hood fixed- it's killing me
>and I don't even own the car.

Yeah yeah yeah...like I told Gary, in the spring, after all the SUVs
are back on dry pavement...

The problem is actually more serious than just the dent.  The hood is
bent, and I recently discovered that the passenger side hood hinge
was torn completely loose at one of the mounting points.  The
drivers' side front panel, at its tip, was pushed inwards and the
paint has cracked.  That panel needs some serious attention...there's
even a small rust spot starting.  <sigh>.  The driver's side of the
car is like a damn magnet for dents, and yes, everyone, I do know
about paintless dent removal, both dents have scratches down to the

I fully plan on fixing as much bodywork as I can, and I even have a
list of all the little trim pieces and things that are
broken/missing(like the screws for the ignition wire cover, that sort
of thing.)  I've decided to place that above a BIRA upgrade, frankly
because the UFOs work great and 17 inch rims would be a PITA in the
winter time(the ronals are coming off at first snow.)

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