[200q20v] Re: Help needed on non-Bose (Avant) radio replacement

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Nov 12 17:45:01 EST 2001

Forhan, Thomas writes:
> I've got a Nakamichi CD35Z to replace my old Delta radio. I've got a problem
> with the rear speakers, i.e., they do not work connected up the same way as
> the Delta was.
> ...
> The harness in the car (and the Bentley) show connections for RR and LR +
> wires, and a single R - line that serves both. The shop I bought the unit
> from said to connect the reciever's RR- and LR- lines together, and then
> connect them to the single R- wire. Nothing happens.

If your Nakamichi is a "high power" unit (the 43w x 4 spec seems to indicate
so), then you cannot wire the (-) lead of the two speaker outputs together.
Those (-) leads are not ground.  Rather, they are the negative active outputs.
To adapt your Nakamichi to the input of the factory outboard amp you either
have to use the "line out" connections (if your Nakamichi is so equipped),
or use an aftermarket adapter.

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