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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Nov 13 16:39:57 EST 2001

For those who regularly use Blau's site(Audi content), Opera(a
commercial, non-free browser; ads in the toolbar go away if you give
them about $30) has a nice little checkbox labelled "documents can
open other documents."

Uncheck it, and it prevents code in one HTML document from launching
other windows like popups.  It needs refinement; unfortunately,
popups with legitimate purposes(such as collecting
username/passwords, etc) are more and more popular these days and
many sites simply cannot be navigated with this option turned on, but
3 mouse clicks to turn it on before going to blau's site beats 30
clicks while trying to navigate up+down the site.

Opera(www.opera.com) is incredibly fast+efficient, I highly recommend
it; it's like an S4 to a Caddilac.  Both have got all the toys, but
one gets you there a hell of a lot faster.  Opera:
-uses less RAM than IE(this resulted in a significant speedup on my
mother's laptop, which runs Win98 and has about 16m of ram; it's
ancient, and takes funky ram)
-is available for MacOS(9 and X), Windows(all), and Linux
-is completely standards compliant and up to date(IE is not; further,
Opera has a function where you can "validate" a page and show the
webmaster that no, in fact, it's not YOUR browser, it's THEIR
non-compliant coding)
-is about 9mb with java and 2-3 without.  IE 6?  Don't even ask, you
don't want to know.
-isn't manufactured by a company that continues to violate US laws
and acts like it can do whatever the hell it wants(if you're fed up
with MS, show it!)
-you don't need to download 10MB updates to Opera every 7-10 days,
you do for IE, or it seems that way :-)

Despite being commercial and costing money(if you don't want to see
ads), Opera is the most popular browser outside of IE and Netscape.

iCab(www.icab.de I think), for MacOS 9&X only, is more refined in
terms of blocking abilities; you can set what javascripts are allowed
to do on a site name basis, with wildcards.  I believe that
Omniweb(MacOS X only) has similar features.

Blocking everything for *.x10.com was the first thing I did in iCab :-)

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