[200q20v] Also only 1.5 bar

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Thu Nov 15 22:06:49 EST 2001

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From: "Charles Baer" <charlie at istari.com>

> Last weekend I was only getting 1.5bar max no matter what on a long
> drive where I had sections of mile+ visibility (wink-wink).
> After months of believing my breather hose has collapsed, I picked up
> one at the dealer about an hour ago and hope to solve my low boost &
> rich running problems this weekend.
> Charlie

I spool up the turbo to max boost ( stock - more or less) in under 5 seconds
usually. I dont see why "miles" of visibility would affect anything.
Typically in under 3 secs I see 1.7 ( at 4000+ ft elevation). I occasionally
see 1.8 in 2nd coming out of the switchback in my driveway, but I have to
work at it to do that.

helmville, mt

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