[200q20v] Follow up on wastegate frequency valve

Dmohlemacher at aol.com Dmohlemacher at aol.com
Tue Nov 20 05:57:38 EST 2001

Thanks to fellow list member Phil Rose (thanks again Phil) I received a new WGFV and installed it.

Here are the results:

Before the new part, the hose from the wastegate to the WGFV was removed = boost would go up to 1.9 and the car felt good (of course no safety either)

Connecting the hose = boost would eventually get to 1.2 and the car felt OK at cruise, but had poor (in comparasion) acceleration.

After installing new part and connecting the hose = boost up to 1.6 (so far, only drove it to work today) and car feels good again

More as I find out about it

91 200tq 20v
Dayton, Ohio

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