[200q20v] Re: fire extinguishers/engine compartment fires

mike mikemk40 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 22:31:10 EST 2001

motorsport marshals book says knock it down with dry
powder...keep it down with foam

works on everthing except doesn't work on methanol or
burning magnesium but these are rare on our cars


--- Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote: > This is
more for V8/200q20v owners than anyone else,
> but Home Depot
> seems to have a good stock of foam fire
> extinguishers.  These units
> have extremely high ratings for class
> B(grease/gas/etc) fires and a
> decent class A(wood/paper/etc)...not appropriate for
> C class
> fires(fine for bose speaker fires, since we're
> talking low
> voltage/current etc; once the radio is off, power's
> completely cut to
> them anyway.)
> I can't really say how appropriate it would be for
> an engine
> compartment fire, since I would fathom a guess that
> the foam has to
> be sprayed directly on whatever is burning; this
> isn't a "stick in
> the front grille and squeeze" kind of agent.
> Problem is, I just can't see how effective a small
> gaseous unit would
> be either, same with dry chemical.  Any volunteer or
> pro emergency
> personel or track workers who have actually had
> experience with
> engine compartment fires and the best agents to
> use/how to use them
> for the layman?  I've always been told "never, ever
> open the hood
> unless you want your face melted off."
> Brett
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