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I also run the Dunlop D60A2's. I haven't had noise with them, but I used to
run P7000's wore into some serious noise. I'm skeptical about the strength
of the Dunlop for the weight of the 200 though. Why is the tire only rated
to 36 psi? I really need more pressure in there to keep the edges of the
tires from wearing out before the center of the tread.
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> I am currently running Dunlop D60's on my 200 20V. Overall, I would say it
> was a very good tire, but my only complaint is tire roar. I had initially
> installed Pirelli's after I bought the car, but the tire roar was
> intolerable. Thankfully Sears took them back and swapped them for the
> at a cheaper price. Though not as bad as the Pirelli's, the tire roar
> bothers me. A fellow listers recommended Michelin XGT VR4 Pilots for their
> performance and quietness.
> My other Audi, a 1995 90, wears Yokohama Avus tires. They are dead silent,
> and perform just fine. Still, in the 90, the front wheels are set further
> forward, whereas in the 200, the front wheel wells actually intrude into
> interior, which may exacerbate my current problem.
> Tom
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